An Exceptional Shopping Experience You Won’t Forget.  

You’ll Get Great Prices, Selection, and Old Fashion Personal Service!Fresh Market Grocery Store in Downtown Perrysburg, Oh

We know our employees are our greatest asset, and we continually strive for a friendly work environment that spills into an exceptional shopping experience for you, the customer.

Whether you need help planning a special event or prefer to be served with exceptional care, all the staff at Kazmaier’s stand ready to serve you.

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Kazmaier's Market
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Scott JordanScott Jordan
11:34 12 Dec 23
Gregory NickoloffGregory Nickoloff
16:11 09 Dec 23
Nice old-school grocery store...no car parts, no garden center, no clothing or baby toys...just food. Super friendly and helpful staff. A pleasure to shop here. Even features a classic rock soundtrack.
Erik BergmanErik Bergman
18:53 07 Dec 23
Nice selection and great employees!
Stephen FortlageStephen Fortlage
12:05 04 Dec 23
Jason SzozdaJason Szozda
17:20 30 Nov 23
Buckeye MikeBuckeye Mike
19:48 21 Oct 23
Nice little market for grocery shopping. They offer nearly anything you could need, noting some local brands like Maddie & Bella's coffee. Staff was kind and got my order out quickly. Selection was great although the pricing could be better. It's not exactly a "value" store but they offer plenty of quality items if you're into that kind of thing.Walked out with some pre-made sandwiches and some deli meats. Both of which turned out great.
17:30 24 Sep 23
Love the store, it has a unique and eclectic selection. The bakery selection is always top notch BUT the deli “sides” selection don’t hit the spot. I’m not saying to be at the top tier epsilon of Churchill’s but you aren’t even on par with krogers. We gotta fix this. It’s potato salad not potato soup.
Very nice independent grocery store. They have a fully functional deli counter with slicers!All of the store associates were polite and friendly.I was delighted to discover they have Lorraine cheese. I would have been happy with German bologna but I haven't seen Wünderbar brand German bologna in a long time.It is a cozy store that reminds me of other independent grocers.
Mr. WileyMr. Wiley
09:18 31 Mar 23
Visited 3/27/23I had never heard of Kazmaiers before, but upon arriving, the building and sign welcomed me as if it were an antique store. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that it was actually a grocery store.As I walked in, the smell of age and time permeated the air, which I found quite charming. The check-out aisles were immediately in sight, and the produce section was not hard to find. I noticed the produce was well-organized and wrapped for protection, but the prices were a bit higher than what I was used to.I was specifically looking for bananas and was disappointed to find that the organic ones didn't look very good, so I opted for the non-organic ones, which appeared healthier.I also grabbed some pre-cut cantaloupe, even though I am aware it's generally not advisable to purchase pre-cut fruit since it's often a last-ditch effort to salvage unsold, overripe fruit.When I asked the cashier about the history of the store, he informed me the store may be part of a franchise and had possibly been open for over 100 years, but he knew it had been around for at least 50 years. I did some research and found Kazmaiers has been in Perrysburg since 1898 and is the only one of its kind. Their fascinating history is worth reading, and it's available on their website.Although I didn't explore the store for other items, I have no doubt that their meats are of excellent quality. I recommend checking this unique grocery store out.